Jiang Jianhua: Seeing topological quantum effects at macroscopic scale

Editor: 周婷     Time: 2021-11-03      Number of visits: 39

Title: Seeing topological quantum effects at macroscopic scale

Speaker: Jiang Jianhua, 

                Soochow University

Place: Room 201, Teaching Building 12

Time: Nov. 5, Friday, 15:30-17:30



Recent years have witnessed the vigorous researches on novel topological quantum physics in synthetic lattice systems, such as in cold atom systems and in metamaterials. I will show that metamaterials as synthetic crystalline materials can realize unprecedented topological quantum phenomena at nonequilibrium. These include the bulk-disclination correspondence which could serve as a new probe of topological crystalline materials [1] and extremely local gauge flux manipulation which could provide a pathway toward fundamentally new materials and phenomena [2,3]. We demonstrate all these effects with complimentary theory and experiments, and pointing out its relation with physics in solid state materials.

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